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Although alligators win the popularity contest of animals that people hope to see when they visit the Everglades, there are many other fascinating forms of wildlife that you will likely encounter. Photo courtesy of Flickr user jking Here are some fun alligator facts to help you win at trivia games!

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The average lifespan of an American alligator is about years, but in captivity they can live more than 50 years. The oldest alligator in captivity lives in the Belgrade Zoo in Serbia. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Guillaume Capron. American alligators are mostly found in the Southeastern United States.

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Alligator hide. Photo courtesy of Flickr user zappowbang. Alligators are no longer considered endangered. However, at one point, alligators were in great danger of extinction. From the s through the mids, gators were often hunted for their skins, which were used in making ….

Why some men in Papua New Guinea cut their skin to resemble crocodiles

When alligators are 8 to 13 years old, they are ready to mate and reproduce. Like many other animals, this usually happens in the spring. The male alligator …. And because many are coming from other parts of the country, we realize they may not have a good understanding and knowledge base of gators and crocs. So, this article is meant to both educate — and clarify — both myths and facts. As we said, gators as we now know them and hominoids have existed together since at least the Pleistocene — one species almost caused the extinction of the other but, thankfully, cooler, smarter heads prevailed — and we were able to give this apex predator, keystone species one that helps define its environment a second chance.

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Each Internet browser has a different method of accessing these keys:. Apple users with Spaces enabled may need to use the accesskey for Skip to the main navigation A ; then, TAB through the navigation and press "enter" to activate a link. Accessible Navigation. Blog Contact. Leave blank if you are human:. Southeast Discovery. Posted on July 3, by Don Hendershot. The Washington Post did an average yearly summary and found that between and Alligators killed one person per year. Sharks killed one person per year. Bears killed one person per year.

Venomous reptiles snakes and lizards killed 6 people per year. Cows killed 20 people per year. Dogs killed 28 people per year.

Bees wasps and hornets killed 58 people per year. You are in alligator country. This is especially true for small children that might rate higher on the prey scale than an adult. Keep your distance from gators. They may become aggressive if they feel threatened. If they make a hissing sound, back away slowly — it means they are agitated.

If you are fishing in gator waters keep your catch in a creel or cooler — dragging a stringer of fish in the water is a great way to attract gators. And remember — dawn, dusk and night are times when gators are most active. If you live in gator country and Fido needs to relieve himself at 1 am, the prudent thing to do is to put him on a leash and stay away from ponds and other bodies of water in the nighttime.

Leave well enough alone. An adult on land looks nothing like normal alligator prey. And even if it does give chase, odds are you can outrun it. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. He found that five of the seven animals teared up as they tore into their food, with some of their eyes even frothing and bubbling.

Vliet said he began the project after a call from D. Shaner and Vliet uncovered numerous references to crocodile tears in books published from hundreds of years ago to the present. Shaner and Vliet also found reference to crocodiles crying in scientific literature, but it was contradictory or confusing, to say the least. Shaner said.

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He just put onion and salt on their eyes. In the myth, crocodiles often cry while eating humans.

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Instead, Vliet had to settle for the dog biscuit-like alligator food that is the staple at the St. Augustine alligator farm.